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Community Storytelling Examples for Victor

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 Studies on the Impact of Storytelling on Community Planning:


Capturing Community Memory with Oral History and New Media


Relying on Ourselves, The Spirit of Rural Community Development by Nelda K. Pearson: a section on the role of storytelling in community development in rural Appalachia


Story Examples


Kodja Place Stories, Australia


MAP Memory and Place, Melbourne Australian ACMI


Skohegan Revitalization Project:  schools and community partnering to engage youth in revitalization efforts


The PlaceMeant Project in Ukiah: mapping local stories and collaborating with a local theater company


Saving the Sierra:  stories about the local


The Organic City Project: capturing people's stories of downtown Oakland, California


Meadowlark Institute creates stories to use as springboards to community dialogues and planning for the future


Expressions of the Land: a project to research local views on land-use


Holding Up the Memories  by Jonathan Young, a project to capture the voices of Kentucky


Common Ground: story capturing two sides of rural development


Alberta Community Walk


Chris Maser  True Community is Founded on a Sense of Place, History and Trust


Examples from Heart & Soul Communities


Resources from Orton: Why Storytelling and Storytelling Planning


Community Almanac


Damariscotta Community Conversations Flyer



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