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Interviews: Guidelines and Permissions

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It is essential to keep in mind the sensitive nature of an interview.  To catch someone's story, you have to build trust; to build trust, you must stay aware of the interviewee's rights and feelings about telling a story and having it published and/or used to extract information. 

The Tip Sheet on Asking Good Questions, Getting Great Answers

covers many of the situations you will encounter and provides you with steps to ensure that you respect your interviewee's right





Always let your interviewee know that you will seek his/her informed consent to conduct the interview, to edit it and to publish it.


StoryCorps has an excellent  downloadable handbook on do-it-yourself audio stories


Another excellent handbook to download, with sample forms (my favorite resource) comes

from Duke University's Indivisible Project


Other examples of consent forms:

Indiana University's Informed Consent Form


A Selection of Forms from The Veterans' Project


Folklife Center's Release Form


Central Washington University's Collection of Forms





You will likely wish to look at all of these forms and design you own specifically for use in the Heart & Soul Storytelling Project.



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