"Storytelling is central to the well-being, the confidence and sustainability of communities.  It allows communities to generate and sustain a sense of belonging and cohesion and purpose even through periods of tumultuous change--especially through periods of tumultuous change.  It allows them to constantly define who they are and who they want to be." K. Longley, 2002, Stories for Sustainability, Sustainability Forum, Perth





I.  What burning question do you hope to have answered by the end of the workshop? 

Jot it on a sticky note and attach it to the Burning Question Sheet. 

Add questions throughout the workshop when they occur to you.


II.  Digital Explorations and Barbara Ganley, A Quick Summary

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Some influences:


Mikail Bahktin

Paolo Friere

Maxine Greene

Pierre Levy

Ray Oldenburg & Robert Putnam

Vera John-Steiner

Etienne Wenger

The Center for Digital Storytelling

Alan Levine

Appreciative Inquiry

Nancy White




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