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Multimedia Stories

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Why Choose Multimedia

Video brings viewers to the action, to the place central to see and hear.

Mixing text and image well can amplify the message: two plus two equals far more than four.

Audio and image complement one another, bringing the viewer close to the teller and to the teller's perspective.



Video Editing:  Basic tools-- iMovie (Mac) and Moviemaker(PC) ; Advanced tools: premiere (PC), FinalCutPro (Mac)

Picnik for image/text--example above

Voicethread for voice/image/text; Glogster for multimedia collages, example--a whole compendium of free, easy-to-use digital tools, described here by Alan Levine

Soundslide example (Many newspapers use this professional quality tool--inexpensive)



Hypertext example

(text and image)

 Digital Story example

Joe Lambert's Digital Story about saving the Albany Bulb

Touching Hearts Stories

  (narrative made up of several individual stories--note the simple use of image, sound and text)

360 Degrees

Perspective on the U.S. Criminal Justice System: Background, Timeline, Stories and Discussion

NYT Project:

Race in America site

Mediastorm  --

A great example

Shifting Ground


American Diversity Project


Holding Up the Memories

Mountain Workshops

Marching Together Soundslides 

Saving the Sierra 

Meadowlark Project 

Capture Wales Digital Stories 

Digital Stories from Canada 

Stories for Change Digital Storytelling Portal 

Storytelling Project in Oakland, CA, The Organic City


Mapping Stories on Community Almanac


Examples from other sites to give you ideas:

Mapping the stories using Wayfaring

Flickr MemoryMaps

Bay Area Map of Dangerous Intersections

Travels of Marco Polo and Google Maps

Storymapping Example from Ukiah, California



Interactive storytelling events:  theater.  See Ukiah project above

Heart of the Town Festival

Local television

Geocaching/Vision quest stories


Community Almanac

Ways to curate the stories from ACMI Museum in Melbourne, Australia

A way to screen stories that include letters, old pictures, scrapbooks

City of Memory Project in New York City  (StoryCorps)

Place Stories in Australia: Software and Server hosting stories combined into one


Tips and Resources

Storyboarding for Macs

Storyboardingfrom Berkeley's Knight Media Center

Berkeley's Knight Center for Media Tutorials on Multimedia

The Center for Digital Storytelling's Cookbook

WQED of San Francisco's Guide to Digital Storytelling

The University of Minnesota has done excellent work both in digital storytelling and in facilitation



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