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Story Kinds: Past, Present and Future

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Past Stories


Personal narrative about a landmark, person, experience

Example: Rebecca's Story of the Isles of Shoals



Honors the past, the old-timers, the keepers of the history

Essential to weave the full story of the community

Can lead to unexpected discoveries and insights



Can invite general nostalgia

Can invite attitudes about the present: everything is bad now

Can state only what is already known, or what is shared by 80% of rural

dwellers--nothing new or precise is offered the H & S process



Present Stories

Issues of the now

Example: Peeptoad Pond



Inclusive: Everyone has a story

Brings to the forefront what should be kept

Specificity & Detail




Potential to polarize the community around stories

Needs skilled moderating and facilitating



Springboard Stories

What the future could/should look like

Alternatives/Variations on a theme



People have a chance to suggest what to change, what to keep

Participatory democracy possible

Engagement---if people think the stories could lead somewhere

Information gleaned will be detailed and specific




People will come up with utopian designs

Need skilled facilitator of springboard-story workshops



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